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Sky Massage is a large massage parlor located in the Boeung Keng Kang section of Phnom Penh. There are countless massage parlors chat of all sorts in Phnom Penh. Some are more obvious than others. Some very large complexes exist. I can’t help but think that their shear size helps draws interest. Especially as some offer an entirely different kind of experience than others.

In the past I have been intrigued enough to research some large massage centers in the city. At times t has turned out that some large and elaborate massage parlors really did offer nothing more than innocent body rubs. But that is not always the case.


Sky Massage is one place where at least some employees seem to be keyed in to the fact that a lot of foreigner visitors like their massages to wind up with a happy ending. So they organize things in a way that makes that more likely to occur.

Sky Massage and Sauna

Sky Massage and Sauna is located on Street 310. It takes up a rather large building. The place is clearly marked though the entrance through the door on the right side can at times be obscured when the parking area is filled with large vehicles. A local guy working the door and parking lot helps customers into the place.

Sky Massage cambodiaSky Massage cambodia

Through the door there is a very basic lobby with wooden chairs along both walls. A large and jovial female manager and her assistant work the front desk. There the prices for services are clearly marked in English. An oil massage is $7 USD. Access to a steam room and pools costs $3. A basic massage is available along with that for $3.

Customers looking for a more sensual massage would tend towards the oil massage. The people who work the place probably know or at least sense that. I can’t be totally sure but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. Those who do opt for an oil massage are led up a flight of stairs on the right and into one of several very large private rooms with locking doors. A free bottle of water comes with the massage.

Massage and summary

The oil massage rooms are sparse and simply adequate. The same could probably be said about the masseuses. There doesn’t seem to be a huge pool of ladies who do the body rubs at Sky. The gals who are there are regulars who have worked for a while. They tend to be middle aged and look it.

Oil massages are performed more or less the same way they are in any other massage parlor. At some point however things may take a turn as the ladies seem keen to make a few extra dollars. Happy endings by hand are routinely suggested with a requested tip of twenty dollars. Of course this doesn’t mean that every masseuse will offer the service to every guy who comes in. Or that they won’t ask for more or less. But this seems to be the way things generally progress.

Sky Massage is a large but rather plain business with women willing to give guys a hand. The place definitely isn’t a straight forward jack shack like the shuttered Panda Massage used to be. But the masseuses on staff are at least up for offering happy endings to guys who look like they may want them. The masseuses don’t specialize in the service but they’re good at what they do. Overall the place is pretty average. Two-and-a-half stars.